The Bay Light Mission

Our mission is to tell stories, capture memories and evoke emotion. We will do our very best to make images for you that you will cherish for a lifetime. You will feel your event all over again when you look at the pictures we make for you.


Dana LePoidevin, owner/lead photographer, will use every bit of his 30 years’ experience to make images for you that you will love. His style brings traditional, photojournalism and natural posing together to best tell the story of your event. The Bay Light philosophy is that you should have fun and feel free, not stressed and encumbered, while Dana works to capture every moment and expression of your special day. Connect with him and talk about your hopes and visions and see what he can do to bring those to life.

My Story

Photography is a big part of my life; and has been since High School. While in High School I photographed for the Yearbook and the school paper, and took all the photography classes. I rarely went anywhere without a camera. Pretty much ditto for college, along with shooting for the Sports Information Department and running the Camera Club. It felt like I spent most of my life in the darkroom.

In between High School and College, I biked (as in motorcycle) from Chicago to Deer Isle, Maine to take a week-long photography workshop. I developed a friendship with one of the instructors and went to Northern California to study photography with him for a couple of months -- an incredible, life-changing experience.

My college degree ended up being in Mass Communication. The whole idea of the power of the image, whether still or video, fascinated me and I wanted to know as much as I could about how images reflect and influence culture. I went on to get my MA in Media Communication — just couldn't get enough of it.

There were a couple of years between my undergraduate and graduate degrees where I worked as a photographer in Cleveland, Ohio and as a photographer/videographer in St. Louis, Missouri. I started teaching and shortly after finished my graduate degree.

I love shooting nature photography (my greatest joy is going out on nature hikes with a tripod and my backpack loaded with camera gear hunting for images), but I also love going into the city to do street photography. I work as a portrait and wedding photographer and occasionally shoot for The Nature Conservancy.

I taught photography, video production and journalism for 22 years at a small, private High School in St. Louis, but now I've moved to my favorite place in the world, Leelanau county in Michigan, to do what I love most: make still and moving images that tell stories.